Timber Windows

Here at Professional Glazing Solutions, our timber windows provide the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for your home. Wooden frames are known for their elegance and versatility, and our timber windows are available in a range of colours, grains and finishes that will ensure we can offer the perfect fit for the design and character of your property.

Natural style

At Professional Glazing Solutions we offer an extensive range of timber windows which can be carefully and sensitively tailored to complement your property. Whether you have a quaint period home, a Victorian terraced house, or a more contemporary build, we have the products and knowhow to deliver timber windows that will add natural elegance to your home.

Long-lasting and resilient

In spite of popular opinion, timber frames are incredibly durable and weather-resistant. Maintaining your timber windows is also easy and simple, and our team of experts will provide you with the expertise and knowledge to ensure your windows are kept at their best all year round.

The timber’s natural qualities also mean that this style of window is environmentally friendly: firstly, during their service life of over 60 years, these windows actually reduce the amount of atmospheric CO2; secondly, wooden frames are well-known for their astounding insulation properties which, when combined with our industry-leading, energy-rated glass, will ensure that your property remains snug and cosy during the cooler months; this means you won’t have to fork out for extortionate energy bills. Fitted with a built-in ventilation lock, our timber windows also allow fresh currents of air to freshen and cool your property during the warmer months, which is aided by our glass—it actually reflects heat when it becomes hot.

Secure and reliable

Their strength, longevity and natural elegance have seen timber windows become a permanent and popular fixture in the glazing industry. At Professional Glazing Solutions, we source only the highest quality timber that ensures optimum performance and high levels of security.

Peace of mind

Our professional team has a wealth of experience that allows our customers to rest assured that their timber windows will function at their very best. No matter the style and character of your property, we provide an approachable, reliable and expert service that will be carefully tailored to deliver the results that you are looking for. For more information about our timber windows, or for your free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today. Alternately, to read about the other styles of window we offer, visit our Windows page.