Triple Glazing

Triple glazing comes in a range of colour finishing options

Triple glazing comes in a range of colour finishing options

At Professional Glazing Solutions we are proud to offer the most innovative and technologically advanced windows available on today’s market. Our triple glazing products will not only update your property with a modern, stylish look, but they also provide a full range of benefits that will add value to your home.

A savvy investment

Their intricate and innovative design, with two insulation layers, makes our triple glazed windows incredibly energy efficient. According to the Energy Savings Trust, 26% of the heat in your home is lost via your windows; however, our triple glazed windows can increase your energy efficiency by up to 30%. So, installing our triple glazing in your property is an investment that will not only save you money on your utility bills, but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Safe and sound

The dual insulation offered by Professional Glazing Solutions’ triple glazed windows provides additional acoustic insulation and will help soundproof your property. If you live in a lively area or near a busy road, our triple glazed windows are perfect for cancelling out external noise and providing you with a serene home to relax in after a long day at work. Our relentless drive to use only the finest products on the market also means that we provide safe, secure windows; our triple glazed products provide the additional security you need to sleep soundly at night.

Optimum versatility

As well as being incredibly energy efficient and keeping your home warm during winter, Professional Glazing Solutions’ triple glazed windows also have a built-in ventilation lock, meaning you can let fresh air in during the warmer months. Our energy-rated glass also has the capacity to reflect heat—again, helping to keep your home at a moderate and comfortable temperature when summer comes around. Triple glazing technology also allows for minimal condensation, due to the two insulation layers, and thus helps to prevent common humidity-based problems such as damp.

Here to help

Whether you want double or triple glazing, our team is on hand to provide a personalised, approachable service, and we will happily discuss your options and requirements with you. For more information on triple glazing, or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today. Alternately, to read about the other styles of window we offer, visit our Windows page.