Sash Windows

Sash windows help add character to a home

Sash windows help add character to a home

A timeless style that has become a defining element of British architecture, sash windows are a traditional, practical and appealing style of window that never fails to add charm to a building. Whether you are renovating your period home and are looking for a style that will complement its authentic look, or looking to add a bit more character and style to your modern property, the versatility offered by sash window will ensure an attractive look while retaining all the practical features.

A blend of traditional and modern

Originally, sash windows were solely made of wood; Professional Glazing Solutions now offer these elegant windows to our customers in timber, aluminium and UPVC in a wide selection of finishes and grains. While retaining their distinctly stylish and classic look, this choice of materials and styles means that modern sash windows are crafted to afford homeowners all the benefits of modern windows. Our sash products are built using the industry’s finest materials, and the combination of a sturdy, weather-resistant frame and new energy-rated double glazing will make your home extremely energy efficient and could dramatically cut your energy bills.

Fully functional

Our sash windows are designed with a built-in ventilation lock with adjustable restrictors and limit stops, allowing you to fully ventilate your home throughout the year and decide precisely how wide you want your windows to be open. In addition to this, our industry-leading, energy-rated glass will not only insulate your home, but also reflects heat in the warmer months, ensuring your property will remain cool and refreshing throughout summer.

The counterbalanced system employed by our sash windows not only means that your windows will not stick or become jammed, but the intelligent ‘easy-clean’ hinges also allow easy access to the external panels and make cleaning your windows a simple task. For maximum security, Professional Glazing Solutions’ sash windows employ an effective key lock and shot bolt system which is well-known in the industry for the high level of safety it offers property owners.

A bespoke and personal service

The quality service delivered by our small, approachable team will guarantee that your property is treated to the whole range of benefits offered by our sash windows. If you have any questions regarding our products, or if you would like a free, no-obligation quote, contact Professional Glazing Solutions today. Alternately, to read about the other styles of window we offer, visit our Windows page.